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January 2024

Despite chilly conditions, the team continued to make notable progress across various aspects of the project. The installation of the track point is nearing completion, promising soon to connect our short length of track to the adjacent siding.


PMV Progress

  • Continued internal fitting, including the installation of one of the new outside steps which was primed.  

  • The underframe was cleaned and painted with red oxide primer. - Installation of electric lighting commenced. -

  • Gloss painting of the frames progressed well. 

  • Additional work benches were erected inside the PMV. - The vehicle's stove was tested, enhancing the working environment with the preparation of bacon sandwiches. 

  • A sticky door was freed up, and the chassis at the rear prepared for priming

30075 Progress

  •  Good progress made on fitting the locomotive's steam pipes and the steam pipe/smokebox seals.

  •  Fabrication of brackets for the spark arrestor continued.

  •  The steam dome saw completion of hole tapping for the cover and the removal of fixing studs for the safety valves. After extracting two of the eight fixing studs for the safety valves, it was determined they did not require replacement, as they are relatively new.

  •  The process of extracting studs that fix the clack valves to the boiler barrel began, with four out of eight studs successfully extracted.

  •  Work on the wooden cab floor advanced, including fitting and oiling.

  •  Preparations for installing the brick arch and removal of studs for the clack valves to the boiler barrel were underway.This should be completed by next month.

  •  Welding repairs were carried out on the firebox/steam pipe blanking fittings, spark arrestor fixings, and the damper levers cover.

Track Update

The North Dorset track gang made significant headway in laying the points that will connect the shelter's track panel to the adjacent siding.

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