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In 2006 the opportunity arose to acquire a second Class 62, this time from Mittal Steel, in Zenica Bosnia & Herzegovina.This engine was built in 1954, so is 6 years older than its sister at Shillingstone.

62-521 22.JPG

Photo Credit; Mark Roberts

In 2006, 30076 was transported to the UK, unlike 30075, 30076 was able to be transported complete. Lorry trailer designs had moved on since 30075 was transported overland, which meant 30076 was able to travel through the autobahn tunnels in one piece. On the 19 Dec 2006 It was delivered direct to the Mid Hants Railway.

On the 16 March 2012 it went from the Mid Hants Railway to Alleys Heavy Haulage yard in Studley, Warwickshire, England. 

30076 stayed at Alleys yard until 20/1/16 when they brought it to Shillingstone where it has been on display in a siding.

62-521 will be rebuilt to form the 16th Southern/BR USA Tank and numbered 30076.

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