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Parallel Lines

Project62 Share Scheme

Have you, or one of your friends or family ever wanted to be the owner of your very own Steam Locomotive? Well here is your opportunity! 


If you are interested in becoming a part owner in 30075 or 30076, no matter what age, we will be delighted to welcome you.

When operational, we can offer you access to the engine footplate and, if you so desire, even to get your hands a little dirty working on the locomotive! An Ownership Certificate, Membership Card and regular Newsletters will also be yours when you join us. 

A single £50 Share; An Ownership Certificate, Membership Card and invite to attend the yearly AGM. Please click here to get more information

Five shares of £50; threshold ownership which entitles you to an ownership certificate, membership card and option to vote in the AGM. Please click here to get more information

Even if you decide not to join us, donations, however small, are always gratefully received, towards the future ongoing maintenance & repairs of our locomotives.​

Buying a share in Project62 offers a perfect opportunity to participate in ownership of a unique locomotive type associated with the Southern Railway. Not only will a share in these locomotives mean you have a stake in them, but it will also entitle the shareholder to access to the locomotives (on the final authority of the operating railway) as well as an opportunity to participate in its running.


Project 62 needs to raise funds to keep both engines maintained. Please note that a share in Project 62 signifies that you are joining the consortium of owners. The shares are not tradable on the open market. Should the value of the assets of Project 62 be realised either by sale of those assets, or by closure of the Project, then Project 62 Members will receive payment in relation to their shareholding in those assets (less any administrative or other reasonable costs). Whilst shares are not tradable on the open market, they can be transferred by the holder to a nominated person or beneficiary. Full terms and conditions can be found at the very bottom of the website under 'Terms and Conditions'.


Please contact Project 62 for further information 

Request for information

We would love to hear from anyone with information, history, pictures or specialist knowledge relating to 30075, 30076 or JZ Class 62 loco's generally.

Should you be able to help us with any extra information or media, please do get in touch - we really want to hear from you!

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