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Project 62's Register of USA Class 62 0-6-0T Steam Locomotives

Internet searches by Project62 have shown that there are more than one hundred existing 0-6-0T steam locomotives of the original 400 USATC War Department series built by the Davenport, Vulcan and HK Porter factories in the 1940's, plus the additional 90 pattern type engines manufactured at the Djuro Djakovic works in Croatia up to the early 1960's. Continuing research by Project62 shows that the locomotive location list below is by no means complete. Anecdotal evidence exists of USA Class 0-6-0T engines in the location of China, the Middle East and South America which we would like to trace.

Can you help? If you are able to assist, either with updated information regarding the location of USA Class 62 steam locomotives on the list below, or are able to tell us of additional 0-6-0T engines either of USATC or Djuro Djakovic origin please contact Project62 here

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