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October 2023

A wet and miserable month - the team continued their works regardless!

Structural Adjustments

  • The left-hand side tank was lifted off using a digger to reposition the blast pipe feeder pipe, resolving an issue where it was fouling the side tank.

  • The balance pipe was positioned under the side tanks, and the side tank was replaced and bolted up.

  • The digger was used to lift the right-hand steam pipe into its position; it was secured at both ends.

  • Work continued on preparing steam pipe seals.

  • The underside of the locomotive was inspected to determine where to attach the extension pipework from the blow-down valve.

  • The drain cock was fixed to the balance pipe, and its control lever fixing bracket was modified.

  • Welding was performed on the left-hand side fitting sealing the smokebox where the steam pipe enters.

  • Two of the four support brackets for the grate within the firebox were welded into place.

  • The surface of the inner firebox was prepared for the remaining two support brackets.

Other Works

  • A further coat of gloss black paint was applied to the sander pipes.

  • The front sander dome was fixed down, involving tapping out the fixing holes in the top of the loco's cladding.

  • Fabrication of the blanking plates for the steam pipes at the sides of the smokebox continued.

  • Front two mudhole door surrounds were fitted to the boiler cladding.

  • Both ends of the PMV received a black gloss topcoat. Focus then shifted to preparing the side of the vehicle facing the shelter for painting.

  • Continued work on the inside of the PMV, specifically, the side facing our shelter.

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