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May 2024

For the first time in many years, 30075 had a fire lit and steam raised on the 22nd May, 2024. We will be slowly testing the locomotive through a series of steam tests over the coming months, to learn of and rectify any problems before the final steam test this summer. On our first steaming in over 10 years, a pressure of 50psi was reached before the steam test was terminated due to (anticipated) issues becoming apparent.


The issues we identified were;

  • A flange we realised was broken when tightening for a previous  leak

  • The right hand clack valve not working, caused issues for one of the injectors, which was leaking. Eventually a gasket blew on the water feed to the right hand injector. 

  • A leak revealing itself just above the firehole door. 


Other work earlier in the month;

  • Completion of lettering on PMV and welding tasks, including the firehole deflector plate and blowdown diffuser.

  • Packing of valve glands, cleaning of safety valve surfaces, cutting of new gaskets, and glossing of bolt heads around the smokebox.

  • Test-fitting of water gauge glasses, overhaul of injector valves, and fixing of leaking mudhole doors

  • Installation of a water supply tap and erection of scaffolding for coaling up the locomotive.

  • Construction of gaskets for Injector Control Valves and fixing of leaks in the boiler and side tanks.

  • Preparation for the steam test by fitting of safety valves and addressing further various leaks.

  • Lighting of a fire in the firebox to warm the boiler for the steam test, which was later terminated due to several issues, including a broken flange and injector leaks.

  • Lapped clack valves, realigned ejector exhaust pipe joints, remade blower pipe joints, and torqued main steam pipe nuts and bolts.


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