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March 2024

Updated: Apr 11

Trial fitting of the steam pipe cladding commenced which identified a few adjustments that are required.  The valve mating faces on the manifold were cleaned and the final checks for the order for the replacement studs were made.



Two boiler pressure gauges have taken to Poole to be calibrated. 2 weeks later these gauges returned from testing; One passed and the other failed, so a decision was made to replace the faulty one.


New studs were inserted in the Manifold, and various fittings attached, also three new studs were inserted in the side of the steam dome in preparation for attaching the whistle, 


A start was made in checking out the cladding sheets which will be fitted around the outside of the firebox section of the boiler after the completion of the forthcoming "in frames steam test"


A pair of new steam rings were collected from Portland by Barry.  The fitting of parts to the steam manifold continued and fitting the cab's  wooden floor continued apace.


Tapping out holes etc continued on the steam pipe covers


The concrete base inside the Smokebox was cast. A week later the wooden shuttering from around the concrete was removed, leaving the completed base.


Fabrication of the spark arrestor brackets continued, which should be completed and installed in April.


The "missing" piece of firebox cladding was found and undercoated


On the PMV, the sealing around the "new" roof vent was checked out, and then the scaffold tower was dismantled.  Inside a desk was assembled in the "office space"



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