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February 2024

Updated: 6 days ago

This month has seen some quite notable progress at Project 62.


30075 Locomotive


  • Substantial progress has resulted in us completing the fitting of the brick arch. This is now installed and complete within the firebox.

  • Progress continued with the fitting of the hardwood cab floor

  • The NDR have completed connecting our tent to their ‘mainline’ track. This will allow us to roll out and use their track.


  • Further trimming of the firehole protection plate was carried out, as was sorting its fixingsFurther trimming of the firehole protection plate was carried out, as was sorting its fixings

  • The steam pipe covers continued to be preped up prior to their fitting

  • The connecting rods between the Injector control valve and the injectors were put into place. To facilitate this some holes were drilled through the newly installed hardwood floor boards

  • The connecting rod which runs from the cab to the sanders was located in our container, then prepped and painted in red oxide primer

  • The sander pipes now have their sixteen sets of nuts, bolts and washers loosely fitted ready for when the pipes get fixed in place

  • Various valve control wheels were cleaned up and painted




  • In the PMV the inside end walls were painted and the rear side of the frames have now all been painted in red oxide primer. Inside the PMV, endwalls were painted cream, and the wooden steps were glossed black and are now ready for fitting.

  •  Some of the new steps were glossed and are now ready to be fitted, some bacon butties were prepared, the work bench finished off, and there was a general tidy up




We had some nice publicity in Steam Railway Magazine. The link is below;

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