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December 2023

Outside of the shelter, the shillingstone P-way team tirelessly laboured on the installation of new track to connect with the P62 tent. The photos demonstrate the progress nicely.

Within the protection of the tent, work on 30075 steadily progressed. Studs for affixing the brick arch were trimmed to size, and prepared for installation of the brick arch continued.

Work within the cab was continued with satisfying progress being made installing the new wood floor, which was then stained to preserve it. The boiler barrel was generally tidied up, with excess insulation being trimmed down and cleaned up.

The second steam pipe seal fittings were welded into place and more encouraging progress was made on the fitting of the smokebox / steam pipe seals. Work continued on the steam dome cover and the 'missing' fittings which attach the whistle to the side of the steam dome was located, and a bent valve spindle was straightened!

Inside the PMV, a work bench with a vice was scratch built, and various other works like netting around the air vents / shelf installation was undertaken.

Superb work done by all of our hardy volunteers this month - here's to an exciting 2024 where we expect to get 30075 steaming again. Consider supporting our work to help us progress!

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