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April 2024

Within the cab of 30075, the fitting of the wooden floor has nearly been completed. Rather symbolically, the whistle was refitted and the linkage identified which now needs cleaning up and painting. The recently located "last" cladding sheet for the firebox was glossed and the boiler is now fully dressed. The firehole deflector plate was slightly realigned, and is now ready to be welded. The boiler backhead fittings continue to receive attention. including the stuffing of the regulator gland 

Further pipework was refitted and work commenced to install one of the clack valves. This clack valve fitting had its fits face machined to ensure it's a good fit.

The spark arrester and its new support brackets were fitted (below pictures).  The end pipe of the brake ejector was fitted in the smoke box and various nuts and bolts were tightened so that now all the work in the smoke box is complete.


Our boiler mechanic, Richard Vincent, with his assistant Craig came on a visit, to inspect progress.  

They were impressed with what had been done generally, particularly inside the smokebox with the spark arrestor and concrete floor, firebox and the brick arch. The fixings to the boiler  met with their approval, they noted we needed to replace a bolt with a stud. Craig agreed to make this for us


Fabrication of parts for the blow down ejector system continued. A pair of steps were removed from the front end of 30076, and offered up to 30075 to assess their suitability, for use as replacements for the now redundant mini ladders, which provided  access to the top of the side tanks.

Over on 30076 some cladding around the firebox was loosen to see how it fitted together, this will hopefully give us a guide to how to fit 30075's firebox cladding. On 30076, the snifter valves were removed for inspection.

Over on the PMV needle gunning and wire brushing of the underframe, followed by wax oiling continued. More fantastic painting was undertaken by Paul on the outside of the PMV.






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