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The home of Project 62


Project 62 represents the owners and volunteers who are working towards the restoration of Yugoslavian built Class 62 USA type 0-6-0 tank steam locomotives 30075 and 30076.


In January 2016 both 30075 and 30076 were moved to the headquarters of the North Dorset Railway Trust (NDRT) in Shillingstone, Dorset. Operational as recently as June 2004, engine 30075 is steadily being restored to an operational status, so that it may start steaming once again.

Although separate entities, Project62 and The North Dorset Railway Trust are working closely together to reach their common goal of having locomotives once again steaming off from Shillingstone railway station.

Our 2022 Achievements

  • Completing the painting of the frames

  • Completing work on the valve gear/ motion

  • Refitting the bunker

  • Reassembling the front end - buffer beam/ buffers, steps and smoke box plate

  • Machining and fitting the new brake blocks

  • Adjustment of the brake rigging and sorting out the vacuum brake components

  • Fitting the lagging and cladding to the steam chests

  • Refurbishment of the regulator valve and shaft by Richard Vincent

  • Completing of the boiler repairs

  • Completing of the ashpan repairs

  • Procuring a new smokebox door from SDRE and attaching all the fittings

  • Refitting the ashpan, boiler and cab

  • Refitting the blower pipework

  • Refitting the steam heating pipework

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