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Premium Name Plate - 108 Character Limit -  15cm x 5cm
  • Premium Name Plate - 108 Character Limit - 15cm x 5cm


    A bigger name plate, with more room for your text!


    This is an extraordinary way to have your name, your organisations name or the name of a loved one placed in the footplate of one of our locomotives!

    For £62 you can have a name plate (text/dedication of your choice) placed on the inside cab of 30075/30076, which will be a permanent tribute to your support.

    You provide us with the characters of your choice (total limit of 108 characters - 27 per line) and provide us with a £62 donation, and we will have a plate made and installed on the inside of 30075/30076.


    Premium Plate is Brass, 15cm by 5cm, which has room fo  FOUR rows, up to 27 characters PER ROW (including spaces and punctuation)


    Note - The selection of this Name Plate by you will be considered a donation to the Project, with the name plate being made and installed in recognition of this. It will be the full Property of Project62. Please see our terms and conditions for full details. Thank you.

    • Name Plate Terms and Conditions

      Name Plates (Specified Goods)

      • Name Plates shown on our website will be created by a third party contractor, and then delivered to us for installation to the Locomotive. They are a Specified Good. You will not receive a physical good or object, but they will be installed on the steam locomotive restorations 30075 or 30075.
      • We will install Name Plates on the locomotive at a time that is appropriate to the reconstruction of the locomotive, and offer no guarantee of time frames for installation of such Plates.
      • A donation made (£31/£62) for a Name Plate by you is undertaken on the basis that this is a bespoke / hand made item, and cannot be refunded after payment.
      • By donating £31/£62 for a Name Plate, you understand that you will not actually receive, own or poses the name Plate and that we retain full authority on where the Name Plate is placed in the locomotive.
      • We reserve the right to remove the Name Plate from the locomotive for publicity events, if required for maintenance, for an unspecified time frame, without notice or consent from the donor.
      • You retain the right to have the Name Plate removed from the steam locomotive, but you will not physically receive the name Plate at any time.
      • You understand that the Name Plate is the physical property of Project62. Your control of the Name Plate extends to what wording / lettering is placed on the Name Plate, and nothing more.
      • We reserve the right to refuse production of any Name Plate if we deem it offensive or inappropriate. We will refund you the cost of this Name Plate should this be the case.
      • We reserve the right to include photo and video of the Name Plate on our website and social media for advertising purposes.
      • Should Project62 decide to sell locomotives 30075 or 30076, you will receive no financial compensation, physical return of the object or any renumeration.
      • You have no right to demand access to see / visit the site or location of the name Plate, however it is not unreasonable to request to visit the locomotive where the Plate is homed, The Project62 volunteers will try to accommodate you at this request at their discretion.
      • Should you provide incorrect details which you wish to have placed on the name Plate, you have 24 hours to notify us of any change you wish to make to the writing/characters on the name Plate from the point you pay for your order. After this, no alterations will be accepted as orders are sent to our 3rd party custom engraver.
      • These plates will be mounted inside the cab of the locomotive, potentially on the inside of doors or the wall of the coal bunker. As these locomotives are a working steam engines, the location of these plates will mean that they are exposed to heat, ash, coal dust, grease and oil. We cannot guarantee that these plates will not get dirty or damaged, and by ordering, you accept that these plates will age in the above stated way, with the locomotive.

      For full Terms and Conditions, please see our terms, in the website footer.

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